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leadership development & training




progressive foreign policy, national security, defense policy and politics

 military/veterans as a constituency base 

grassroots movement building, political education, and leadership development

 strategic coalition-building, culture change, narrative strategy and storytelling

institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion

"Pam is a fearless, humble, and hard-working leader. I've observed Pam embrace new projects and tackle difficult tasks, immersing herself in the challenge of unraveling complicated problems. She is not afraid to raise worthy and innovative viewpoints and ensure that others' voices are heard as well. She carries herself with poise, speaks with clarity and insight, treats other with fairness and respect, and passionately improves the surrounding environment for everyone."

- Christalyn S-M, US Deptartment of State

"Since the moment I met Pam, she has been a visionary for a just society and what it will take to get there. She is a true leader in every sense of the word and one of the most strategic minds I’ve ever met. She is able to clearly see the board, think several moves ahead, and is able to shift rapidly when the political moment requires it. Specifically, I’ve seen Pam offer critical commentary on a wide array of issues in the public eye, mobilize and galvanize multiple communities at the drop of a hat and speak frankly and truthfully in the face of powerful people and groups. "

- Jen Corbridge, Policy Professional

"Pamela was unquestionably my best analyst and manager. Her engaged, outstanding leadership ability is evident in her interactions with coworkers, supervisors and customers. Pam is often sought out by individuals outside our organization for her counsel, not just in intelligence matters, but also for her experience as a tested and proven advocate."

- Larry C, US Air Force

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peace & security



&international partners

CAMPAIGNS, democracy ORGANIZATIONS & academia

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