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"Pam is a fearless, humble, and hard-working leader. I've observed Pam embrace new projects and tackle difficult tasks, immersing herself in the challenge of unraveling complicated problems. She is not afraid to raise worthy and innovative viewpoints and ensure that others' voices are heard as well. She carries herself with poise, speaks with clarity and insight, treats other with fairness and respect, and passionately improves the surrounding environment for everyone."

- Christalyn S-M, US Deptartment of State

Pam is an excellent leader and teammate. During our work, she could focus on the whole picture while also providing practical tools and models for our client. Her combination of strategic thinking and down-to-earth work style was fundamental to our project's success.  She can easily build connections with people, meet clients' needs and is very attentive, caring for everyone,  and valuing teammates' opinions. She has undoubtedly valuable attributes for exceptional leadership."

- Nan Z, United Nations Capital Development Fund

"Pamela is unquestionably my best analyst and program manager. Her engaged, outstanding leadership ability is evident in her interactions with coworkers, supervisors and customers. Pamela is often sought out by individuals outside our organization for her counsel, not just in intelligence matters, but also for her experience as an advocate."

- Larry C, US Air Force

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